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120 Level | 466 Item Level Paladin

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Collection 34 Collected mounts

Black Hawkstrider

Blue Hawkstrider

Brown Elekk

Brown Ram

Coalfist Gronnling

Emerald Raptor

Ensorcelled Everwyrm


Goblin Trike

Goblin Turbo-Trike

Gray Elekk

Gray Ram

Great Blue Elekk

Great Green Elekk

Great Purple Elekk

Leaping Veinseeker

Mountain Horse

Purple Elekk

Purple Hawkstrider

Red Hawkstrider

Swift Brown Ram

Swift Green Hawkstrider

Swift Mountain Horse

Swift Orange Raptor

Swift Pink Hawkstrider

Swift Purple Hawkstrider

Swift Purple Wind Rider

Thalassian Charger

Thalassian Warhorse

Turquoise Raptor

Unpainted Mechanostrider

Violet Raptor

White Ram

Wonderwing 2.0

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